East Timor as a UN Colony

Peter K. peterk at enteract.com
Sat Apr 22 21:56:07 PDT 2000

>East Timor, like Kosovo & Bosnia, is now living the life of a new
>kind of Colony run by international bureaucrats, foreign aid workers,
>& of course multinational military forces. According to Gusmão, the
>Do I hear a deafening silence of leftists? Well, the topic is surely
>not as interesting as how the mass media covers American anarchist

Yoshie, one has to admire your high standards. I understand that the U.S. and other countries (and the U.N. sorta) were the source of East Timor's misery in the first place, but once Indonesia had been pressured into granting East Timor a chance to vote for independence (I'm not clear on the details on that) as they ended up doing and the violence started, what then? I realize that's a Hobson's Choice, but what should the left, here or Australia or elsewhere, do now. Advocate "Juche"? Agitate for more direct aid? Point out that a lot of suffering could have been avoided had Clinton made a simple phone call early on? What's the East Timor Action Network up to?


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