lbo-talk-digest V1 #2892

Elisabeth Vincentelli teppaz at
Sun Apr 23 19:24:48 PDT 2000

I would think that my remarks were more of a "let's look into this" type of thing rather than "criticism", an attempt to open debate. I would be the first to say that I'm not an expert on North Korea, but I'm willing to listen and learn. Self-righteousness in response might not be the way to go though.

And by the way, please note the correct spelling of my name. If I'm going to be patronized, it should be done right.


Yoshie said:
> Remarks made by you, Brad, Dennis, Elizabeth, etc., in my view, don't
> really rise to the level of "criticism." Criticism demands some real
> knowledge about the object of criticism -- say, the kind that Steve
> often provides with regard to China, which I've always read carefully
> and learned much from.

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