Michael Pugliese debsian at
Mon Apr 24 12:08:36 PDT 2000

Justin's posts on Hayek, and a neo-con acquaintence on the net, with some econ under his belt, has got me interested in another writer, James Scott. A search on google for Hayek, found a long review by Brad on his book, "Seeing Like A State, " at his webpage. Only knew of his work, in connection with a debate with political scientist, Sam Popkin on the Moral Economy vs. the Political Economy of the Peasant. Saw them debate once at a World Systems Theory confab, with Wallerstein, Theda Scocpol and other academics at UCSC. Anyway, can Brad give a summary of his review of Scott's book. And others if they have read it. Looking at it in the bookstore, I saw a few citations for Hayek. And if anyone, has the issue of the libertarian academic rag, Critical Review, they had some articles on Hayek recently from right and left. Remember the name, David Prytchko.

Michael Pugliese

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