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the first part of seeing like a state is excellent. then he goes on to rather conventional bashing of states from a relatively neo-conservative perspective.

Michael Pugliese wrote:

> Justin's posts on Hayek, and a neo-con acquaintence on the net, with
> some econ under his belt, has got me interested in another writer, James
> Scott. A search on google for Hayek, found a long review by Brad on his
> book, "Seeing Like A State, " at his webpage. Only knew of his work, in
> connection with a debate with political scientist, Sam Popkin on the Moral
> Economy vs. the Political Economy of the Peasant. Saw them debate once at a
> World Systems Theory confab, with Wallerstein, Theda Scocpol and other
> academics at UCSC. Anyway, can Brad give a summary of his review of Scott's
> book. And others if they have read it. Looking at it in the bookstore, I saw
> a few citations for Hayek. And if anyone, has the issue of the libertarian
> academic rag, Critical Review, they had some articles on Hayek recently from
> right and left. Remember the name, David Prytchko.
> Michael Pugliese

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