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Wrong. She's Vineeta Gupta, an MD from a rural Punjab clinic where she finds a bit of time to do terrific socio-economic critiques of Bank primary healthcare projects. Ah, there she was again, seen with 20 South activists last Saturday at Wolfy's house at 6:30AM, handing over the World Bank Bond Boycott announcement to the Man:

(From CNN report at a week ago.) Demonstrators arrived at World Bank President James Wolfensohn's Washington home Saturday morning

April 15, 2000 Web posted at: 4:08 p.m. EDT (2008 GMT)


Wake-up call for World Bank president

Shortly before police moved into the headquarters warehouse on Saturday, activists woke up World Bank president James Wolfensohn. About 20 demonstrators from 10 countries appeared at his home in Washington's Embassy Row neighborhood with banners saying: "Wake up Wolfensohn" and "Wake Up World Bank."

Vineeta Gupta, a doctor from the Punjab in India, handed Wolfensohn a letter signed by 450 people from 35 countries.

The letter criticized the bank's lending programs, which protesters claim have increased indebtedness and poverty in developing countries. They also say the bank's programs promote sweatshops and destroy the environment.

"The World Bank is subjugating our economic and social independence," Gupta said. "It is time that we shut the bank down, and this boycott is a great start."

Wolfensohn, on his way to work, listened quietly as Gupta read the letter and demonstrators sang in the street.

"Good morning. Well, thank you very much. You got up very early," Wolfensohn told the group before he got into his chauffeur-driven car.

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