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I think that the measure of freedom should be the extent that people have the opportunity to develop their abilities and capacities to the greatest possible extent. The US has more potential to offer that kind of freedom given the enormous wealth. I meet few students who think that they will get the opportunity to do anything interesting or important -- and they are from the more privileged strata.

> If the most important measure of freedom is not freedom from the
> police state but freedom to express any old thing, true or false or
> simply deranged, I'd say the USA is, as of now, one of the freest
> nations on earth (mainly due to the absence of the well-organized
> mass left movement here). Given this, Americans should hold
> themselves politically responsible for the American Panopticon. It's
> their "free & democratic" choice, no? If the American Panopticon is
> not the will of the American democracy, then, America is not the land
> of the free but just the land of buy one get one free.

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