Summers' memo

Thu Apr 27 10:53:57 PDT 2000

You know, in court we get people trying to explain away embarassing remarks as jokes all the time. Oh, that statement that we don't hire any colored around here; I was just joking. My threat that X firm has to pay $50,000 to to get me to vote for the variance at City Council? just a joke, haha. --jks

<< >Didn't Summers claim that he had meant it as a joke? He admitted
>authorship, I think.

We went around the track concerning this story on the list before, last year I believe. I don't see how Summers' saying he intended his "Africa is underpolluted" remarks as a joke changes anything at all. If Summers believes comments like that are funny, that says all you really need to know about the man's sensibilities.

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