Zero Tolerance

James Baird jlbaird3 at
Thu Apr 27 10:48:43 PDT 2000

> "Reason" being, I suppose, misconstrual. As Wojtek
> had faulted
> "the Left" for inadequate hostility to crime, I had
> thought
> it necessary to show that there was more than one
> "Left", each
> responding to crime (or "crime") in its own funny
> way.
> Admittedly, I put on a little ironic, perhaps even
> baroque,
> decor; but I thought my point was reasonable enough.
> The
> responses above have nothing to do with what I wrote
> except
> to reflect some of the fritz on it, perhaps. I
> certainly
> didn't profess any more admiration for other violent
> gangs
> than I do for the police; that would be as dull as
> putting
> an I-Suck-up-to-cops sticker on my car. Please!

Ok, I give up. I am unable to detect any meaning in this paragraph. Can anyone help me out?

Jim Baird

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