Zizek: film reviewer

kelley kwalker2 at gte.net
Thu Apr 27 11:53:56 PDT 2000

>Yes but my psychotic intevention, which saves the joke, had been deleted.
>"I'm going to twist it all the way back!"
>It isn't the "then don't do that" which is amusing, it's the pathological
>response, "I'm gonna do it until my arm falls off!" which illustrates the
>idiocy of the doctor / patient relation in its inverted form. The way in which
>the "expert" response is crucial to the so-called therapeutic relation. It's
>the Bart Simpson syndrome.
>Tst... ow! ... tst ... ow! ... tst ... ow! tst ... ow! ...

so if you want to ahem til it falls off or something similar this is idiocy?


>ken, a lollypop for lunacy

yeah? well ken bubbles, i'm a trollop according to mark jones and i've got a reputation to keep up!

kiss my ass too mark. such liberties taken here on this reserved and staid and haute intellectuelle list.



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