putting the e- back in Europe

Enrique Diaz-Alvarez enrique at anise.ee.cornell.edu
Fri Apr 28 10:19:10 PDT 2000

Doug Henwood wrote:

> Financial Times - April 27, 2000
> Europe to get first online pizza service
> By Tom Burns in Madrid
> Europe looks set for its first online pizza delivery service with the
> signing of an e-commerce alliance between Telepizza, a local
> dial-a-pizza company, and Terra Networks, the internet service
> provider of Telefónica.

Ho ho ho. We can e-bullshit with the best of them, eh? Perhaps Pedro Ballve could explain how exactly he expects mistrustful Spaniards to spend money on line when Spanish credit cards do not carry explicit protections against fraud.

Anyway, to judge from the reaction -you can read some really hilarious comments on the Spanish newsgroups- Spanish investors are going to be harder to scam than American ones.

By the way, few things in this world are worse than Telepizza's food. Hideously expensive, too. Goes to show Yanks are not the only ones who do what the TV tells them.

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