Divorce and empty shell? (was:(Re: Ex-GDR (was:Re: RES: a trip to North Korea))

Ken Hanly khanly at mb.sympatico.ca
Fri Apr 28 08:50:21 PDT 2000

Perhaps Johannes can elaborate on this. I recall that many properties in the Ex-GDR were returned to their pre_GDR owners. In many cases these were apartment buildings occupied by pensioners at very low rates. The pensioners were usually forced to vacate by the new owners as rents were raised beyond their means etc.

Cheers, Ken Hanly

Johannes Schneider wrote:

> Jim heartfield wrote:
> >Without basic
> >civil liberties, such as the right to leave your work, then divorce is a
> >hollow shell.
> >
> This means divorce is always a hollow shell for working class women?
> Despite current trends for simplification, I would like to remember that the GDR was not the Soviet Union of 1936: You could leave your working place, with more or less the same consequences it has in the West.
> >>
> >>After you have been defending the progressive slave-holders, now you are
> >>praising Christian values like the family as opposed to Communist creches and
> >>kindergartens.
> >
> >I'm all for communist creches and kindergartens, but these were not
> >they. If the police state of the GDR is communism, then yes, I would
> >prefer that families were free from such interference.
> So you are saying because of the repressive aspects of a political system kindergarten, schools, hospitals and universities should be better closed altogether?
> Johannes

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