Fri Apr 28 14:54:20 PDT 2000

I wrote the Nader campaign about this, and they replied that Ralph is NOT going to cross any picket lines or interview with the scab papers. he is going to Michigan to talk to labor, his campaign manager says. There was a nasty little snipe about, N satnds by labor, but will lanor stand by him? But sniping is one thing, crossing picket lines another. --jks

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<< brad.hatch wrote:

>Doug Henwood wrote:
>> Jeff St Clair's been forwarding me some stuff reporting that Ralph
>> Nader is about to cross the picket line and talk to the Detroit Free
>> Press, universally regarded in union circles as a scab paper.
>> Gotta admire the guy: runs for president but doesn't even mention
>> that or the party he's running on at the A16 rally; friend of labor
>> who crosses picket lines.
>So you and Jeffery have made up? The last I remember you guys were at
>each others throats. I hope it's true. I enjoy the work both of you

Heavens. Jeff & I have squabbled over this & that, but I'd never want to be "at his throat." Not sure we were ever unmade, but I'd want to make up immediately if we were.



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