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Hey all, risking accusations of spam, I wanted to forward this publication announcement. At least two of our LBO-mates are implicated in these pages (Michael, your copy is in the mail!)

Kenning: A Newsletter of Contemporary Poetry, Poetics, and Nonfiction Writing announces a double feature:


AUTUMN / WINTER: Cunning: A Descriptive Checklist of Tentative Politics. Atypically edited by Patrick F. Durgin, Renee Gladman, Jen Hofer, and Rod Smith. Featuring, for the last time, the distinctive design of fnast! image, and the proofreading support of Ninian Hawick.

ISSN: 1526-3428

98 pages, or so.

Tentative politics in verse, prose, graphic, and hybrid manifestations, featuring work by:

Yedda Morrison

Alexei Parshchikov

Sarah Jane Lapp

John Kinsella

Bobbie West

Michael Lujan and Erin Forrest

Mark Wallace

Jean Donnelly

Buck Downs

Leslie Bumstead

Heather Fuller

Dubravka Djuric

Taylor Brady and Tanya Hollis

Habib Tengour, translated by Pierre Joris

Tisa Bryant

Wura-Natasha Ogunji

Stefani Barber

Mary Burger

Giovanni Singleton

Edwin Torres

Akilah Oliver

Betsy Fagin


Julian Semilian and Sanda Agalidi on modern "Romanian Poetry Then and Now"

Review of Bob Perelman’s The Future of Memory by Jono Schneider

Michael Yates on teaching Das Kapital in maximum security prison [etc]

Rod Smith on Submodernism and the New Mannerism

Letterpressed covers & various other mechanical distinctions (such as sugar packets, staples, and at least one supplemental pamphlet).


SPRING: Kenning, the "odd" issue, edited by Patrick F. Durgin.

ISSN: 1526-3428

75 pages, or so.

Jules Boykoff

Sherry Brennan

Susan Briante

Mary Burger

Avery E. D. Burns

Mircea Cartarescu, translated by Sanda Agalidi and Julian Semilian

Allison Cobb

Ray DiPalma

Andrew Levy

Gherasim Luca, translated by Sanda Agalidi and Julian Semilian

Jackson Mac Low

K. Silem Mohammad

Beth Murray

Elizabeth Robinson

Michael Ruby

Jono Schneider

Jesse Seldess

Lytle Shaw

Brian Strang

Rodrigo Toscano

Ilarie Voronca, translated by Sanda Agalidi and Julian Semilian

Liz Waldner

Keith Waldrop

Rosmarie Waldrop

Plus: Carol Mirakove reviews Brendan Lorber’s The Address Book & Chris McCreary reviews The Garrett Caples Reader.


Send $6.00 for either (specify which, of course) or $12.00 for both, payable to the publisher, Patrick F. Durgin, to Kenning: 418 Brown St. #10, Iowa City, IA, 52245. Or, begin a subscription to Kenning: $24.00 / 4.

Watch for the first in the Kenning summer chapbook series: hovercraft by K. Silem Mohammad, available soon.

Subscriptions pay for the production and distribution of Kenning. Your support is essential to keeping this project alive. Support small-presses, independent booksellers, and spontaneous institutions of language.

Contributors & subscribers: your copies are in the mail!

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