NY Times v. Nader

Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Thu Aug 3 07:53:53 PDT 2000

Carl Remick quoted Cynthia Cotts:

>Invoking Nader's recently disclosed $4 million in assets,

Including $1.2 million in Cisco stock, a company that pays little or no federal income tax. Imagine if, say, Gore or Bush were found to have such a holding!

> most of which is spent on advocacy, Krugman described an imaginary
>personality disorder that afflicts people who do not spend their
>wealth to make themselves comfortable. "Those who renounce small
>pleasures," he wrote, "may be all the more susceptible to monomania."

Heaven forfend I find myself agreeing with Krugman, but there *is* something creepy about Nader's anhedonia. It's just not my vision of happiness to work 20 hours a day, have no social or erotic life and sleep on a wooden pallet.


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