NY Times v. Nader

Tom Lehman TLehman at lor.net
Thu Aug 3 08:45:55 PDT 2000

Cisco is sort of like a electrical or plumbing supply company. If you need it they make it and have got it in stock. For some reason none of the big electrical equipment manufacturers wanted in on this business. If they did, Cisco would be a dead duck. Their stock is way over-valued too.

The couple times I can recall seeing Nader he looked pretty sharp to me. Of course in my peer group putting on a new t-shirt is considered dressing for success. If we looked as sharp as Ralph does we would probably do a lot better in my humble opinion. As far as the ladies go, I have heard Ralph's name linked to a couple of women over the years. I don't buy all of this hairshirt propaganda---some of it probably created by some of Nader's fans to justify their positions.


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