[fla-left] Robots that do civil disobedience? You better believe it! (fwd)

Michael Hoover hoov at freenet.tlh.fl.us
Thu Aug 3 21:16:19 PDT 2000

forwarded by Michael Hoover

> Dear subversive cyberpals, you've got to check out
> this web page: http://www.appliedautonomy.com/
> These people are doing work that is simultaneously
> funny and serious. They're kind of a cross between the
> Ruckus Society and the Survival Research Laboratories.
> Extremely original work! Do check them out.
> ******
> The Institute for Applied Autonomy (IAA) was founded
> in 1998 as technological research and development
> organization concerned with individual and collective
> self-determination. Our mission is to study the forces
> and structures which effect self-determination; to
> create cultural artifacts which address these forces;
> and to develop technologies which serve social and
> human needs.
> >From Sparta to DARPA, the market of tools of
> repression has remained a reliable outlet for
> technological development. However, recent history has
> shown that as the strength of these technologies has
> grown, the sustainability of this market has dwindled.
> Indicators show that in the very near future this
> market will no longer be able to bear the weight of
> the increasingly costly technologies that it requires.
> In response to this crisis, the IAA has identified the
> already emerging market of cultural insurrection as
> the most stable market in the years to come. IAA
> research has examined the primary behavior patterns of
> this market and is developing technologies that best
> serve the needs of the burgeoning market.

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