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I don't have the slightest idea who the author of this post is or what his politics are. But perhaps some of those who were in Philadelphia can comment.


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<< Protests Rock GOP, End in 282 Arrests

John Nichols, The Nation

August 2, 2000 >>

The only thing that these protests "rocked" were the inflated egos of those who think that anyone in Philadelphia cared about these so-called protests. Television coverage has been minimal and the GOP carries on its pep rally with little to no disruption. Chicago '68 this ain't...despite the nostalgic wishes of many. Even Jello Biafra commented that these protests were "not nearly as festive as Seattle." When the chicken squawks loudest is when it lays the biggest egg, and the protesters in Philly are making an omellete. To even compare it to the activities of Chicago '68 is both delusional and, I think, rather insulting.

No my friends...the whole world isn't watching...not even the world that has cable TV.

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