Discovery Institute Accuses Rioters of Rights Violations

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Fri Aug 4 19:48:54 PDT 2000

On Fri, 4 Aug 2000, Nathan Newman wrote:
> When someone sues all these groups under RICO, we will be
> able to thank NOW for having established the precedent that
> non-economic motives still qualifies a group as engaging in
> "racketeering activities." Essentially, the NOW attack on
> anti-choice activists revived conspiracy as a legal attack
> on civil disobediance and established the bankrupting of
> political opponents through RICO suits as a new tool.

Well someone bring me a glass of ice water, I agree with every word Nathan wrote above!

> Unfortunately, what comes around goes around.

Which is exactly the reason that every progressive / leftist / whatever ought not sacrifice one inch of liberal civil rights on the path to building a socialist future -- you'll get fucked by the State before you ever reach the Promised Land.

There is no constitutional right to a fair society, but at least there is the right to talk about getting one -- let's keep it.


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