Discovery Institute Accuses Rioters of Rights Violations

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Mon Aug 7 09:17:54 PDT 2000

You're right, NOW and PP shouldn't be equated with feminism; but neither should NOW be equated with Gore. NOW's policies aren't as progressive as those of people on this list, but are significantly to the left of anything the "presidential wing" of the democrats have favored lately. Frankly, if Gore had the positions on affirmative action, lesbian/gay rights, pay equity, welfare and social security that NOW does, I'd be supporting him instead of Nader.

I'm not a big defender of NOW (they strike me as fairly ineffective nowadays); but I do think they gets a unfair rap for being equivilent to the "New Democrat" colition when they're not (although perhaps that wasn't what you meant with your Gore metaphor). And the "legalistic form of feminism" has done as much or more for women in the US as any other form.


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: B. Deutsch wrote:
: >It's nice to know that when the chips are down, some folks on the
: >will still find the time to attack feminism.
: >
: >I agree that the RICO decision was a bad decision (and for that
: >the entire RICO law is a bad law), and the position NOW and PP took
: >was short-sighted at best.
: I don't know the legal story here, but I'd have to object to
: NOW with feminism; it's like calling Al Gore "the left." NOW
: represents a rather timid, bourgeois, legalistic form of feminism.
: There are many other kinds.
: Doug:

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