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Tom Lehman TLehman at lor.net
Sat Aug 5 11:58:21 PDT 2000

I got my Spring 2000 issue of the Rattlesnake Alumni News the other day. Front and center on the cover is Rattlesnake's most famous drop out US Senator Robert C. Byrd of West Virginia. Senator Byrd dropped out of Rattlesnake in his Junior(?) year when he was elected to represent WV in the US Congress! Not bad, college boy gets elected to Congress. Byrd also had a low pay no pay job at the WV legislature at the time too.

This Fall Senator Byrd is getting inducted into the Rattlesnake Alumni Gallery of Achievement. I may even go down to West Virginia for this momentous occasion. I'm interested to hear Senator Byrd talk about how he learned at Rattlesnake how the Civil War had been over for a few years and that the KuKluxKlan was shall we say passé; and I'm sure that he also learned that a re-unification of VA and WV would eliminate the job he had his eye on.

Tom Lehman

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