The Evil of Two Lessers?

Carl Remick carlremick at
Mon Aug 7 07:36:30 PDT 2000

>So what's the dirt on this Lieberman bloke?
>C'mon you lot, tell us Australians something about the man who would be our
>next vice-president!

Lieberman sprang fully formed from the brow of the Democratic So-called Leadership Council, which makes him every inch the centrist hack President Billy Bob Blow-job and Prince Albert are. If anything, he's even more of an opportunist than they are, having gone through the entire impeachment saga with his finger in the air gauging public opinion, trying to decide how much opprobrium he -- as a "moral leader" -- should dump on the President's head.

In keeping with our ever more pious public life, Lieberman grandstands constantly on how observant he is as an Orthodox Jew. Not sure what impact this will have on the issues. Thinking-the-unthinkable dept.: Would a President Lieberman have to keep a Shabbos goy handy to press The Button were nuclear Armageddon to occur on the Sabbath?

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