The Evil of Two Lessers?

Rob Schaap rws at
Mon Aug 7 08:12:14 PDT 2000

Thanks for this, Carl.

>Lieberman sprang fully formed from the brow of the Democratic So-called
>Leadership Council, which makes him every inch the centrist hack President
>Billy Bob Blow-job and Prince Albert are. If anything, he's even more of an
>opportunist than they are, having gone through the entire impeachment saga
>with his finger in the air gauging public opinion, trying to decide how much
>opprobrium he -- as a "moral leader" -- should dump on the President's head.

Oh, him! I remember the bloke, now. Can't remember exactly what he said, but I wouldn't be too hard on a bloke for thinking presidents shouldn't go around ejaculating on junior staff - nor fibbing about 'em, nor publicly impugning the honesty or sanity of certain other junior members of staff. The presidency does seem to have a weird mystical sheen about it (that prime-ministerships don't), and an encumbent should, I think, try not to proffer the example of exploiting and molesting junior workers (which holds no matter how keen ML may have been, for mine).

> In keeping with our ever more pious public life, Lieberman grandstands
>constantly on how observant he is as an Orthodox Jew. Not sure what impact
>this will have on the issues. Thinking-the-unthinkable dept.

So you're implying the pompously hypocritical conservative moralism (as opposed to the modest liberal ethic I articulate above) I dread is no less likely under a Gore/Lieberman Whitehouse? Is it really that bad? The Beeb just reckons Lieberman is helping distance Gore from Clinton's image. That it might short-circuit the mounting republican smear-by-association campaign. But I do hear Lieberman is all for giving more public money to private schools - all money better spent on public schools, according to Gore (and me).

>Would a President Lieberman have to keep a Shabbos goy handy to press The
>>Button were nuclear Armageddon to occur on the Sabbath?

Never a good idea to let people who believe in the after-life too near that red button, I reckon ...

Cheers, Rob.

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