The Evil of Two Lessers?

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Mon Aug 7 11:01:17 PDT 2000

Carl Remick wrote:

>It is really that bad, IMO. With the GOP, you've got a ticket
>headed by a guy desperate to prove he's no longer a drunken,
>coked-up fratboy, backed by a running mate chosen for his supposed
>gravitas. With the Democrats, you've got a ticket headed by a guy
>desperate to prove he's absorbed no bad habits from that Hot Springs
>high roller he's been hanging with, backed by a running mate chosen
>for his supposed gravitas. One way or another, this country will be
>marinating in morality for years to come.

It's pretty damn weird, considering that the moralists lost the impeachment battle. Where's this shit coming from?


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