The Evil of Two Lessers?

Michael Pollak mpollak at
Tue Aug 8 06:32:30 PDT 2000

While we're on the subject of the two lessers, I have a question on abortion issue. Is Clinton actually such a stout defender of abortion rights? When he was elected, I thought, all he has to do is get RU-486 approved, which Bush and Reagan appointees were clearly active in stalling, and the fight is over. And this wasn't dependent on the on the congress or the longevity of judges. And yet with all that opportunity for unilateral action, I feel George Bush and his son couldn't have stalled and roadblocked more. My conclusion was that Clinton is a man who either deep down doesn't care or really has no spine all, none. And that, given this opportunity foregone, there was very little profit on this issue of having elected him. But I realize that there are others on this list who follow the issue in a much more detailed way. Do one of you have an alternative explanation of what happened?


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