The Evil of Two Lessers

Steve Perry sperry at
Tue Aug 8 11:44:50 PDT 2000

i think the whole question of lieberman and anti-semitism is one of the more interesting facets of this latest property party pageant. i don't know how it will play, exactly; i will only say this: if you think that "the jewish stuff is all wheels within wheels and has no relevance," i suspect you haven't spent a lot of time in the rural midwest or the rural south. there is rarely any occasion to take the measure of popular anti-semitism in those regions, but i think it remains part of the cultural fabric.

like you, max, i suspect a rout in the electoral college, but i think it goes the other way. the choice of lieberman screams out that the dems are just like the republicans, and why not vote for a republican if it's a republican you want? i think we will see that bill clinton was an historical anomaly in this regard.


Max wrote: The jewish stuff is all wheels within wheels and has no relevance. The Repub problem w/JL is not being careful about attacking him, but what to attack him on. IF the 'character'/values thing is neutralized, which I think this does, the economy becomes the overriding factor and puts Gore/Lieberman first over the finish line.


Michael Pollak wrote:

This makes me think that one of the ideas behind choosing Lieberman is that it can be counted on to set off some anti-semitic crazies. . . .

. . . Lieberman's Orthodox Jewishness will be, among other things, a rhetorical stone thrown in the Repugs. road. They will have to be hyper-hyper conscious of their "inclusiveness" rhetoric. . . .

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