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Tue Aug 8 09:38:20 PDT 2000

forwarded request from another list re the privatization of the prison industry, a thread spawned by the 'Strange Ways' drug warrior & wife/light sentences story.

i know that georgia's big on this aren't they?



Mr Rufus Faloofus wrote:

> It is worse even than Matt makes out. Right now, money is being set

> aside for future prison construction. The prisons to be funded by

> these allocations will not be completed for 10 years or so.

Hum, on that note, I'm looking for literature on the privatization of US prisons, current corporations in the game, which states this is being done in, and so on.

I know of nowhere really 'safe', so to speak (in terms of not provoking obnoxious responses, defined however one wills, from those being asked), to openly ask for this info, and since I only have a hazy idea of the terminology used in the industry, major players, and so on, I have very little to start research on -beyond an occasional web search-, since research has to start somewhere, with key terms, or something of the sort.

Are there any public sources that publish details of a state's investment in new construction or the like ?

Could someone suggest *pointers* to literature or the like ? This stuff interests me... Does anyone know if the prison industry, um *cough*, has 'trade magazines' ? Just wondering... I'm going to hit the library again in a few days, hopefully I'll be able to refine what I'm looking for. The Internet has spoiled me, I need to brush up my researching skillz anyway...

> This realization is not my own. I highly recommend the fine book

> _Newjack: Guarding Sing Sing_ by Ted Conover (Random House, 2000,

> ISBN: 0375501770).

I'm going to try to nab this one...

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