Women Surpass Men Online

Chris Kromm ckromm at mindspring.com
Wed Aug 9 20:43:25 PDT 2000

Wednesday August 9 5:57 PM ET Survey: Women Surpass Men Online

NEW YORK (AP) - Women are now in the majority online.

In May, 50.4 percent of U.S. Internet users were women, Media Metrix said Wednesday. That's still below the percentage of women in the overall U.S. population, which according to Census figures is 51.1 percent.

The study was based on Media Metrix measurements of more than 55,000 home and business users.

Among other findings:

-Teen-age girls represent the fastest-growing age group. There were more than 4.4 million girls ages 12-17 online in May, a 126 percent increase from about 2 million a year earlier.

-The number of women ages 18-24 online decreased 4.5 percent, possibly indicating more interest in college and early career development, researchers said.

-The number of female Internet users ages 55 and over grew by 110 percent, though they represent only 4.4 percent of the overall online population.

-Across all age groups, America Online, Microsoft and Yahoo! sites were most popular among women. Those were also the sites most frequented by men.


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