Genetic tardiness of Oz legislators

Rob Schaap rws at
Wed Aug 9 22:00:49 PDT 2000

G'day all,

Gleaned from today's Sydney Morning Herald. Is this stuff making a (belated) splash over there?

Cheers, Rob.

March 1998: Senator Stott-Despoya introduces genetic privacy bill and is voted down by Howard government; March 1999: Senate Committee recommends urgent drafting of such laws and is ignored by Liberal government; April 2000: Attorney-General finally introduces a bill to cover genetic testing by some time in 2001; June 2000: Howard government considers allowing genetic testing by insurers; June-August 2000: Widespread reporting of denials of life insurance and premium disparities after insurance companies have examined gene test results; Yesterday: Government announces 'an inquiry' into genetic privacy.

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