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Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Thu Aug 10 08:50:20 PDT 2000

My oh my, Radosh has an ecuminical(sic.?) bunch of folks on his list. Ex-DSA and Telos contributor, (Fred Siegel, now Manhattan Institute), Louis Menasche (NAM, wrote for In These Times in the early 80's and Socialist Review when they were Socialist Revolution), Jesse Lemisch (New Left historian, look up his great piece in The Nation circa 1884 or so, "I Dreamed I Saw MTV Last Night, " on kitschy Left Culture ala THe Weavers), Robert Leiken (ex-Maoist, I have a copy of Monthly Review from 1979 with his reply to French economist Charles Bettelheim on the post-Gang of Four era. Later by the mid-80's he had turned into a Contra supporter. He is working on a book on the Sandanistas and American intellectuals), Adam Garfinkle (author of a neo-con book on the anti-Vietnam War mvmnt. and the Gulf War), our own Maurice Isserman, etc.

I keep this up, I'll be asked to join SDUSA! :-) ;-(

Michael Pugliese, "Left in Form, Right In Essence."

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> I'm send all of you the link to my article criticizing Jim Sleeper and his
> attack on Norman Podhoretz. If you can't open the link, you can find it
> today at www.frontpagemag.com, on their front page.
> http://www.frontpagemag.com/archives/radosh/2000/rr08-10-00.htm

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