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>From a "Christian Identity" listserv. What The Grip means I dunno.
No grip on reality?

Michael Pugliese

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As a White Christian woman who knows Ezola Foster, the black school teacher Buchanan has picked as his VP running mate, I say BRILLIANT!

This will split the NWO vote, the "must go for Joe Liberalman" vote, and others.

Ezola is well spoken, really one of the best speakers I have ever heard. She was beaten up and fired by her fellow teachers for going on national tv to say illegal aliens/immigrant students were taking important funds, services from AMERICANS. She and I agree on many issues; same as Buchanan.

Buchanan's selected on Ezola Foster will put liberal/far left journalists in a quandery. May they boil in their own hot oil!

And let us not miss even ONE chance to point out that J-- Liberalman is an ultra orthodox Chauvenist Pork Pie! He will not pray in the same room as women. I believe that his kind say a prayer in the synagog thinking their god they are not women. Well, any thinking woman who votes for this misogynist is NOT a thinking woman.

Terry Graham

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