FW: [The Grip] Buchanan's VP Choice

Rob Schaap rws at comedu.canberra.edu.au
Fri Aug 11 21:08:47 PDT 2000

G'day Michael,

"As a White Christian woman," dear Terry prays that liberals and lefties boil in oil, that ferreners (illegal and legal alike) stay out of her precious AMERICA, and refers to those of a faith which pretty well shares most of the convictions her Old Testament affords her, as 'his kind', 'chauvenist' ['don't learn 'em evolution, don't learn 'em spellin' - it breeds impious arrogance], and 'misogynist'. Terry should talk to some of her own soulmates a bit more. She's heaving some big stones for a lamb confined to so small a glasshouse.

And as for that 'thinking woman' nonsense, well, stoned beyond detox on the opiate of the lasses is more like it.

Fume, splutter, spit ... Rob.

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