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"Candidates say "vote for me, and I will do so-and-so for you." Few believe them, but more important, a different process is unthinkable: that in their unions, political clubs, and other popular organizations people should formulate their own plans and projects and put forth candidates to represent them. Even more unthinkable is that the general public should have a voice in decisions about investment, production, the character of work, and other basic aspects of life. The minimal conditions for functioning democracy have been removed far beyond thought, a remarkable victory of the doctrinal system." -- Noam Chomsky ----- Original Message ----- From: "jason" <jza at magicnet.net> To: <la-anarchists at lists.tao.ca> Cc: <activist_list at listbot.com>; <anarchism at egroups.com>; <ve_amnesty at egroups.com> Sent: Friday, August 11, 2000 8:56 PM Subject: [anarchism] LA: Judge Bars LAPD From Raiding Activist HQ

> http://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/nm/20000811/pl/campaign_protests_dc_26.html
> Friday August 11 8:27 PM ET
> Judge Bars LAPD From Raiding Activist HQ
> LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A Los Angeles judge on Friday issued a restraining
> order preventing police from raiding the headquarters of activists
> mass street protests during next week's Democratic National Convention.
> The temporary restraining order forbids police from entering the
> four-story ``Convergence Center'' in the downtown area without a warrant
> and from seizing giant puppets, posters and placards that dozens of
> activists are making inside.
> The court order was sought by the American Civil Liberties Union of
> Southern California after the main umbrella groups D2KLA and Direct Action
> Network complained that their rights to free speech were being violated by
> police harassment.
> The activists, who plan some 20 major nonviolent marches or rallies on
> issues ranging from the death penalty and sweatshop labor to corporate
> globalization, had feared a mass police raid on Saturday, two days before
> the Democrats come to town for the Aug 14-17 convention.
> ACLU lawyers said they had logged 22 separate incidents of surveillance
> harassment, including random police visits without warrants, low
> overflights and people being followed and searched after leaving the
> building.
> The demonstrations, which start at the weekend, may rival those in
> Washington D.C., and at the Republican Convention in Philadelphia last
> week, although neither the organizers nor the police have put a figure on
> how many people might take part.
> The Los Angeles police department, facing its toughest public test since
> the savage 1992 riots surrounding the police beating of black motorist
> Rodney King, says it believes the majority of protesters will be peaceful.
> But they have also pledged that unlawful behavior will not be tolerated
> that their main task is to ensure that the convention goes ahead without
> interruption.
> U.S. District Court Judge Dean Pregerson however declined to bar police
> from keeping the protest headquarters under surveillance if they had
> ``probable cause.''
> ``The city has a history of unfortunate riots...on hot summer days,''
> Pregerson said, adding that police officers had a right to ``protect the
> city, the people who are coming here for the Democratic National
> and the people who are lawfully protesting.''
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