Hannah Arendt on the Holocaust

Michael Pugliese debsian at pacbell.net
Sun Aug 13 09:33:04 PDT 2000

>I don't understand what's going on with Michael
Pugliese's sources. One was an off-the-wall hatchet job on Simone Weil, of all people, as an anti-Semite.

No endorsement, express or implied- is that the legal phrase? Lotsa (too many!) of my posts are fwds. from denizens of the Right-Wing Twilight Zone.

For an attack on Simone Weil, by Cynthia Ozick, see one of her books of essays from the 80's. Forget if she went off on alleged anti-semitism of Simone, (which I really doubt, but wasn't part of the post on Hannah Arendt?) but if it was first published in Commentary, I would not doubt it. I only remember long passages on her starving herself to death.

Chuck's post was great. Any thoughts on her article for Dissent after the Little Rock desegregation in '57? From skimming the Young-Bruehl bio a long time ago, I gather that was a controversial piece. Any letters from Mary McCarthy?(Not as much as Mailer's, "The White Negro, "!!! or her Eichmann book, of coarse. On that see a piece by Norman Fruchter (is he still on the Bronx School Board?) in Studies On The Left, circa 1966 or so, on the NY intellectuals vs. Hannah. Only McCarthy, Alfred Kazin and Daniel Bell defended her. It was reprinted in, "For A New America, " edited by James Weinstein around 1970. Kinda rare, Vintage/Random House musta not printed that many copies. Other articles of note in the book are from Harold Cruse on Black Nationalism, Martin Sklar on Corporate Liberalism.

Michael Pugliese

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