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Just another (rather funny) data point found while searching Amazon for Mike Lee films:

One Girl, Two Guns

Video Description

For Rachel and Jane, the only way out is D.O.A. - Dead On Arrival. Money runners and assassins for a powerful drug lord, they know way too much to just wash their hands and walk away from all the violence, death and destruction. But when Rachel is brutally murdered in a drug deal gone bad, Jane calls it quits and takes to the open road for survival. Escape isn't that easy, and her life becomes a living hell as she is sadistically "persuaded" by the FBI into setting up her ex-boss. Forced back into the game, yet driven by a righteous code of honor and a killer's instinct, Jane finds herself at the dead end of a one-way street...from which the only way out is with both guns blazing!

The Central Florida Film and Video Festival

The movie was rejected by 12 film and video festivals. The Central Florida Film and Video Festival sent back the following critiques. These are the highlights.

1. "Very telling the way he reduces all things to a dualism of good and evil. Brought about through the prism of a woman's body and the women as temptation. Evil females appear almost trite in their "gangster" lifestyle. The persistence of moral conflicts becomestiresome. But for a porno film it's incredibly enlightening." 2. "Great for a drive-in theater in the middle of some little country town." 3. "Film that is made for B-flick TV. It is soft porn movie."

>From the Director

Shot in 6 days with a daily working crew of 5. Shoot Dates: Friday, April 26; Saturday, April 27; Sunday, April 28; Friday, May 3; Saturday, May 4; Sunday, May 5 of 1996. An average of 65 camera setups were achieved every day. Shooting Format: Hi-8 Shot on location in Lancaster, Palmdale, Glendale, Sierra Madre and Simi Valley, California. Length: 99 minutes. Budget: $ 5,000.00 Edited in 18 days in July 1996. Audio sweetening took about a week in October of 1996. Available money dictated when shooting, editing and audio sweetening could be completed. Part of the budget was financed through an appearance Beesley made in Playgirl magazine. He appeared nude in the Real Men section of the March '97 issue. The money was used in audio sweetening. The original actress set to play Jane quit two days before production because of problems she had (suddenly developed) over the nudity requirements. Members of the original crew also quit due to moral problems they had with the script. The lead actress and crew were replaced and shooting began eight weeks later. Kirsten Moss,e role of Jane, had never acted before. She was recommended to play the part by another actor, Tom Rees, who plays The Boss. After an excellent audition, (especially for someone who had never acted before), and having no problem whatsoever with the required nudity, Kirsten was hired.

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