McChesney: Why I'm Voting for Ralph

Max Sawicky sawicky at
Mon Aug 14 10:55:13 PDT 2000

I agree with you about hagiography when it's shallow (i.e., G. Bush as a great leader), but not when it goes to important, observable things, like competence, commitment, and knowledge.


>I should say so. Since we can't very well exalt
>conspicuous consumption and constant treachery
>as virtues, by that logic Ralph can't win either way.

But why, in politics, should one exalt another's personal qualities (even if they are virtuous) at all? They're irrelevant, and I for one am sort of uncomfortable with the great-man/cult-of-personality politics that such exaltation usually leads to. Besides, it doesn't take much creativity to turn exaltation into condemnation, which might engender a moralistic crusade like, I don't know, say, the impeachment of a president.


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