Dubya and short memories

paul childs npchilds at connect.ab.ca
Tue Aug 15 10:45:40 PDT 2000

>>So we'll have a chance to see if the Left does better with a GOP President

>>in office so we can concentrate our opposition. Hope it works as well as

>>folks predict.
>I second this opinion, but I do not think there is a serious >reason to

I wish I could share this view, but my memory of the Reagan years make me doubt this will happen. I remember leftists/anarchists in 1980-81 being glad that Reagan was elected so that it would galvanize the forces of oppposition and create a viable left alternative. Nothing of the sort happened. Seattle, a16, other action and the existence of the Net make me a little more optomistic but experience makes me think that 4 years of W will be 4 years of marginalized and suppressed opposition, facilitated by a supine, lazy and fawning media.

Before I make any bets I'll be checking in with a yutz up here called 'Joe Clark', the leader of the traditional right wing party in the Great Wide North. Joe's got an incredible knack for being absolutely wrong in all aspects of his political judgement, a record going back over 25 years. I want to see who *he* picks, then take the opposite. Of course if he picks Reichsmarshall Buchanan I'll be at a dead loss...............


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