Wal-Mart Comes To The French Quarter

Tony Abdo aabdo at webtv.net
Tue Aug 15 12:31:26 PDT 2000

Chuck, you are absolutely right on about the need for web sites that translate, and also write in Spanish/ English for both sides of The Border. It would keep people from being so bogged down in the northern part of North America.

What is needed for starters, is just a translation of a quality article or two of interest to the Left, from Spanish to English every day. And vice versa. Because Mexico has the same problem that we do, in not getting translated and seeing key Left articles from the US.

Tony ----------------------------------------------- Chuck wrote- <You know as a suggestion, especially for issues in Mexico it would be a good idea for somebody involved to put up a few web sites (spanish/english) in Mexico or the US that get picked up automatically by US commercial search engines (Yahoo, Alta Vista, Google, and so on), so that political issues appear in searchs along with the tourist and travel information.

This goes for Europe, Asia, the rest of Latin America too, of course. With enough of these local issue sites, then kids, tourists, and whoever else is wondering around the web, will have to come across political news that matters to local people. That would help build up the impression that US economic expansion into the rest of the world, isn't going on un-noticed, or without resistance. Forget ever getting news like this into US media.>

Chuck Grimes

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