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At 02:30 PM 8/15/00 -0500, Carrol Cox wrote:

>Doug Henwood wrote:
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> > At 07:30 PM 8/14/00 -0400, Yoshie Furuhashi wrote:
> > > if we get to abolish gender oppression, we
> > >can be liberated from gender. Think of it as liberation of biological &
> > >other differences from the modern "opposite genders" model.
> >
> > yeah but to what?
>Mao: "Marxists have no crystal ball." This question is the kind of question
>that is mocked in the old joke:
> Come the Revolution, we will all eat strawberries and cream.
> But I don't like strawberries and cream?
> Come the REvolution, EVERYONE will love strawberries and cream.
>Do you really want to dictate the content of the freedom of our descendants?
>They are not our business. Our business is the destruction of current
>oppression. As someone said, Sufficient unto the day are the evils thereof.

carrol, could you possibly be more of an asshole? you just bitched at doug for offering no positive vision of practice. and i just pointed out to yoshie that she simply said change from what we have now without acknowledging for one minute that change doesn't mean the liberation that she suggested. she knows this. i know she knows this. i simply clarified it and pointed out something she'f forgotten to point out. no less wrong to do than it was for yoshie to piggy bag on my post and try to suggest that my post was lacking something. and it was. a further clarification of what i meant when i said we can't lose "gender" but perhaps we can get rid of gender oppression.

so if you're so tired and cranky, perhaps you should take a nap.

i have noticed that there is a lot of sunspot activity.

i think this has something to do with male friggin crankiness.

i'm going to head out now and start making some sedative concoction to give y'all so you'll sit down, be quiet and quit swelling up with hot air.

rotflmao kelley

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