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Tue Aug 15 13:22:32 PDT 2000

Doug Henwood wrote:

> This is a weird claim. I've had plenty of qualifiedly positive things
> to say about the internationalist turn in U.S. unions. I'm very
> excited by all the new forms of global organizing that have popped up
> over the last several years. I've been criticized on this very list
> for both positions - the first for failing to recognize that the
> AFL-CIO is little more than puppets for capital, and the second, for
> failing to recognize that the kids are just a bunch of atheoretical
> anarchists with exotic facial jewelry.

Doug was one of the few Left journalists who "got" Seattle as it was happening. I'm sure that I can get the pierced masses of the local black bloc to give Doug an honorary piercing for his work.

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