Laying Bets: W Will Win

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Tue Aug 15 17:06:43 PDT 2000

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> Vote. If it makes no difference, then vote anyway.

It makes a difference. Voting implies that you approve of the system. I do not and not voting is the closest thing we have to voting for none of the above. Elections are a means of state control, ...

Joe Golowaka


See, item B, silence is unknowable and unknown.

Not voting means nothing because the null option is null, completely. I can claim my absent vote counts but see it wasn't counted under anything listed but not voting. It doesn't imply anything.

On the other hand, I certainly agree that voting is some form of accent, but so is not voting, since you are under the same domination whether you vote or not. This is partly a consequence of not voting, since a null can stand for anything or nothing. They are logical mirrors of one another.

And, voting or not voting, doesn't keep you from throwing rocks too, you know. But the nice thing about voting and then throwing rocks at the same idiot, has a certain, I don't know, ambiance to it, like choosing your target.

Chuck Grimes

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