Al & abortion

Rob Schaap rws at
Wed Aug 16 00:29:01 PDT 2000

Doug channels Jeanne Cummings:

>But Mr. Gore is less specific about the underlying question of
>abortion. "Before you get to the subject of abortion, you have to
>first deal with the subject of choice. Who is going to make the
>decision? And, to me, that right has to remain with the woman,

So what's not specific about this? This makes Gore shine in my book. He's giving the best reason there is for over-riding his personal discomfort about abortion - making sure the right rests where biology and society have allocated the responsibility. For mine, that's the best argument against the RTL position, and a hint Gore is doing more here than just changing his public mind for the sake of the she-vote. Good on him.

I wonder what it would have taken to please Cummings?


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