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Michael Pugliese debsian at
Wed Aug 16 08:17:45 PDT 2000

Max sayeth:Coverage of the demos have been practically nil, as usual.

Surreal moments on NPR, right after Bill's speech. Cut away to the police riot (egged on, I betcha by cadre from the Revolutionary Communist Youth Brigade, and anarchists- not Chuck0 type anarchists- the ones that buy into the hoary cliches about Bombs under Black Capes- by this account from the Working Assets, News for Change website.) Homeless activist slams anarchists By Matt Welch / NEWSFORCHANGE ... Unconventional Coverage Listen to the National Radio Project's "Unconventional Coverage," in-depth, daily news reports from the RNC. With hosts Norman Solomon and Elizabeth Robinson and special commentaries from Andrei Codrescu. Monday: A look at anarchists and notes on the Green Party campaign.

(Excerpt from a Libertarian?, Matt Welch, on that left-liberal website (David Corn, Bob Scheer, Molly Ivins, Norman Solomon, etc.) Some, like Karen Wald (who I met during my month-long visit to the island), can say with a straight face that Cuban media is as free as the U.S. press (uh, it isn't), or that the 1960s banning of the Beatles from Cuban radio was "understandable" (uh, it wasn't).

How did the Venceremos Brigade explain that?

Michael Pugliese

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