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Wed Aug 16 10:59:47 PDT 2000

Michael Pugliese wrote:
> Max sayeth:Coverage of the demos have been practically nil,
> as usual.
> Surreal moments on NPR, right after Bill's speech. Cut away to the police
> riot (egged on, I betcha by cadre from the Revolutionary Communist Youth
> Brigade, and anarchists- not Chuck0 type anarchists- the ones that buy into
> the hoary cliches about Bombs under Black Capes- by this account from the
> Working Assets, News for Change
> website.)
> Homeless activist slams anarchists
> By Matt Welch / NEWSFORCHANGE ...

Sheesh, just shows that some activists have their reactionary streaks. I wonder if it ever occured to Hayes that those young anarchists have very valid reasons for their behaviors? Many of them are poor and working class. Some of them are runaways and many work marginal jobs.

This Hayes guy may be doing some good things, but ultimately his agenda is rather reformist. Asking the government to fix the homeless problem isn't going to fix the problem, even in the short term.

I'm also offended by the sanctimonious tone that he adopts. His whining about other activists isn't going to win him many battles.

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