Finkelstein's background

Doug Henwood dhenwood at
Wed Aug 16 12:57:49 PDT 2000

Michael Pollak wrote:

>Does anyone know much about Norman Finkelstein's background? I mean
>besides the overdetermining fact that both his parents went through the
>Warsaw Ghetto and then each to a different a concentration camp. For
>starters, I was wondering for various reasons whether his parents met in
>the ghetto, before the camps, and were part of the resistence. Secondly,
>I wondered whether they were leftists when Norman was growing up in
>Brooklyn. And lastly, I was wondering whether Norman ever belonged to any
>small leftist parties himself.
>Any suggestions appreciated. If he has a memoir article somewhere, that
>would be great.

Norman's listed in the Brooklyn directory.

He also has a website at <>. There's a Real Player clip of a German TV profile of him <>, that includes a priceless moment of the head of the World Jewish Congress saying "Norman Finkelstein is full of shit." You can't buy publicity like that.


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