Union Leaders and the Left (RE: Laying Bets: W Will Win

Carl Remick carlremick at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 17 06:17:06 PDT 2000

>It's interesting that both Cockburn and Vidal are predicting imminent
>economic collapse. In his August 21/28 Beat the Devil column, Cockburn
>writes "The likelihood is that either Gore/Lieberman or Bush/Cheney will
>preside over an abrupt delfation of the stock-market bubble."

I agree with them. The best front page the Village Voice ever had occurred when Reagan left office, and a page-one photo of a beaming, hand-waving Gipper ran in the VV under the headline: "So Long, Suckers!" I think that treatment would be even more appropriate for master illusionist Bill Clinton.

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