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Fri Aug 18 11:03:31 PDT 2000

"Charles Brown" <CharlesB at> wrote:

>>> cramer at 08/17/00 11:54PM >>>
So I came to lbo-talk to represent the libertarian, gun-totin', sheeple hating, evil hacker that the White House likes to call "cyberterrorist".


CB: What's "sheeple hating" ?

It's a portmanteau word, "sheep+people". It expresses contempt for the masses that the speaker supposes do not agree with him, the boobs and clueless in other words, and in practice, for anybody of a "lib'rul" point of view.

Cramer assumes the AARP is a powerful lobbying force instead of an insurance, mutual funds, and mailing list sales organization. You are an AARP victimized sheeple if you don't believe Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.

kelley describes the subtler nuances in her post.

-- John K. Taber

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