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>>> cramer at 08/17/00 11:54PM

>>>...sheeple hating....


>>CB: What's "sheeple hating" ?


>It's a portmanteau word, "sheep+people".


>It expresses contempt for the masses


>that the speaker supposes do not agree with him,

Getting colder. That the speaker supposes, when discussing peoples who would rather live their lives undisturbed by elections, taxes, whatever else might be a cause for raising one's head up from the grasses of the pasture and taking notice of what is going on and going around.

>the boobs and clueless in other words,

Sort of, or not really. See above.

>and in practice, for anybody of a "lib'rul" point of view.

Way cold. Your stereotype shows through.

>Cramer assumes the AARP is a powerful lobbying force instead of

>an insurance, mutual funds, and mailing list sales organization.

The AARP is an insurance, mutual funds and mailing list sales organization (you say) that has an effective (or somewhat effective) lobbying arm. Whether it is powerful or not is not germane to the definition of the word "sheeple".

>You are an AARP victimized sheeple if you don't believe Social

>Security is a Ponzi scheme.

Here we find a logical error.

>kelley describes the subtler nuances in her post.



>John K. Taber


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