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Doug Henwood dhenwood at panix.com
Fri Aug 18 14:07:20 PDT 2000

[From the Council of Conservative Citizens <http://www.cofcc.org/mailbag.htm>]

Go Pat Go? Yeah, Right...

I just finished reading Pat Buchanan's response to the Washington Post that you have posted on your website. I came away with one conclusion: Pat Buchanan is a worthless piece of flesh.

In his response to the Washington Post, Pat Buchanan said, in regard to the Council of Conservative Citizens: "For the record: I have never been a member of any of these organizations; nor have I ever spoken to any. Nor, to my knowledge, does any leader of my campaign belong to any..."

The implication in this statement is that Pat Buchanan is taking great pains to distance himself from such organizations as the CofCC, as they are not "fit" to associate with.

In my view, Mr. Buchanan is both a coward and a hypocrite for making this statement, since he openly supports a white dominant America. Yet, he fears being associated with any organization the media has deemed "racist". In my opinion, this is the act of a consummate political coward. No wonder Euro-Americans are in trouble, if our so-called "allies" make statements such as this. One thing is for certain, however: David Duke is no coward, and would not have weaseled out like Mr. Buchanan.

Buchanan goes on to say: "...a Reform leader sent me racist filth..."

Racist filth?

What, precisely, did Mr. Buchanan mean by this statement? What, in his mind, constituted "racist filth"? He never elaborated.

It is precisely this kind of evasive maneuver by an alleged leader of Euro-Americans that I despise. Pat Buchanan needs to be shunted aside from this day forward, to make room for more honest, straight-forward, and bold Euro-centric leaders. He has lost my support permanently with these remarks, and has crossed over to the enemy camp from this day forward.

- Ward Kendall

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