Tom Wheeler twbounds at pop.mail.rcn.net
Fri Aug 18 15:03:37 PDT 2000

>This just in...
>A Tampa jury late this afternoon returned a verdict in favor of
>investigative reporter Jane Akre. The six-member panel has awarded
>her $450,000 in damages, concluding she was fired from her job at
>WTVT in Tampa for threatening to report to the Federal
>Communications Commission that the station wanted her to broadcast a false
>misleading news report about Monsanto's synthethic bovine growth hormone
>The same jury decided Steve Wilson's resistence to distorting the
>news and his threat to report Fox's misconduct to the FCC was not
>"the" reason the station chose not to renew his contract.
>More details will be posted right after we finish the last of this

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