Finkelstein's politics

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Fri Aug 18 14:14:38 PDT 2000

Norman Finkelstein appeared on Sky TV's _Answer the Question_ just now, being quizzed by Jonathan Freedland of _The Guardian_ (UK). He was accused of being factually wrong and similar to David Irving. When he challenged Freedland about what was wrong in the book (which the Guardian serialised) Freedland 'didn't want to get into technicalities'. The similarities to Irving were based on e-mails sent to the Guardian & Sky TV supporting Finkelstein and written by Irving supporters - Freedland called the book a Nazi tract at one point. In the show's summing up, when Finkelstein was gone, the studio 'experts' decided his book was a psychodrama based on trauma caused by his parents dying. Furthermore, its alleged vitriolic language meant that it couldn't be taken seriously. Although more sympathetic to arguments about the holocaust's uniqueness than Finkelstein, it's clear to me that he's getting a raw deal from the more moronic sections of the British media.

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